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Classroom Learning Lab Focus Group: April 18 from Noon to 3:30

Join us on Monday, April 18th from 12:00 to 3:30 to share our learning around Classroom Learning Labs and help influence growth.

Goal: Networking our Learning around Classroom Learning Labs and Growing Together

Outcomes: Participants will… have opportunities to reflect and learn from each other, participate in discussions around identified topics of interest, enhance facilitator skills and  influence future learning opportunities for CLL continued growth.

Audience: CLL District Facilitators and Classroom Learning Lab Facilitators

Please sign up at Kent ISD’s professional learning website:

Questions:  Nelli Koster –   –

LCN Topic Session March – Community Literacy: Literacy Summit

Hello Group,
Thanks for joining us in our breakout session in March.
It was great to clarify the role/vision/mission of the Literacy Center of West Michigan.  You were able to get a view of how they are striving to create a just and vibrant community, here in West Michigan, through the power of literacy.  We explored structural changes for the Community Literacy Initiative, areas of focus and the topic for next Fall’s Community Literacy Summit.  As promised here is a link to the PPT of resources presented and feel free to contact Kaylee Moreno or Mark Raffler for any additional questions that you may have.

Kaylee and Mark

Planning Professional Learning?

Hi LCN Friends! Teacher-leaders are often tapped on to lead professional learning for staff.   I recently came across a great little blog posting from Learning Forward  on designing Professional Learning Days that will offer you some thinking for designing and preparing for your next professional learning day.   Keep in mind that  the LCN trainers are also available to help support you with staff learning endeavors.  Char Firlik

Yay! It’s Professional Learning Day!

Learn how your library could be supporting teachers’ instruction, helping to foster life-long love of reading in students, and creating a literacy-rich environment for the entire school.


On Thursday, February 11, 2016  from 12:30 to 3:00 pm at Kent ISD Teacher-librarian Kurt Stroh,  will share the exciting things that are happening in the elementary libraries in the Northview Public Schools.  Sign-up for free at the Kent ISD Professional Development site. (link to registration page)

This information / interactive session is open to librarians, principals, teachers or anyone who would like to learn more about how to make the library a vital part of their school’s literacy instruction.

In a time when many elementary schools don’t have librarians (and sadly, some don’t even have libraries), find out how your school library could be the literacy heart of your school. So much more than story time and book check out! Learn how your library could be supporting teachers’ instruction, helping to foster life-long love of reading in students, and creating a literacy-rich environment for the entire school.

We anticipate that this afternoon will be just the beginning of an exciting Library Network! Come to learn, come to share what you are doing, and come to voice what you would most value from a Library Network.

Creating a Culture of Achievement – Updates

Hello LCN Members,

Thank you for a wonderful morning of learning around “Fostering a Culture of Do No Harm” from Doug Fisher’s book,  How to Create a Culture of Achievement in your school and classroom.  We explored and discussed two proactive service cycles, A proactive classroom environment for learning and Hallway TLC and two service cycles that look at ways to support learning despite our best efforts to prevent problems from occurring, Analyze the causes of behavior and Restorative practices.  Our learning community offered two additional resources to support our learning in creating a culture of do no harm.   Lots of resources to work with behavior. MDE’s recently released Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions Toolkit.

Here’s the link to the toolkit homepage: Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions Toolkit

Here’s a direct link to the video segments  mentioned today at LCN with the Restorative Justice video segments:

Also, if some are interested in the PowerPoints that go along with the videos, they’re found at the links below (the videos are embedded within the PPTs). These are also found at the bottom of the toolkit homepage at the Restorative Justice Practices link:

Segment 2- Restorative Justice Revealed — Restorative Resources Video (Overview): Slide 15
Segment 5 – Informal Restorative Justice Interventions — Video Segment #1: Slide 4; Video Segment #2: Slide 13
Segment 6 – Formal Restorative Justice Interventions — Video Segment #3: Slide 12
Segment 7 – Circle Process — Video Segment #4: Slide 14; Video Segment #5: Slide 18

15-4285_Alternatives to Suspension Resources

15-4285_Alternatives to Suspension Resources-2

Interested in looking up your favorite Professional Learning Highlight offered here at Kent ISD from last LCN check out the list of all opportunities here.

Our next LCN Session will be on Thursday, March 10, 2016.  Please read Chapter 4, Choice Words in How to Create a Culture of Achievement in your school and classroom.


LCN Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello Everybody,
Happy New Year!! What a great way to celebrate all the learning possibilities for 2016 by attending this Thursday, January 7th’s LCN Day of Professional Learning and Networking!

Please bring all your books: How to Create a Culture of Achievement in your School and Classroom (read Chapter 3:  Do No Harm) and your two session books and your journal. Each session will be using the books as part of the learning and discussions.

I’ve attached the LCN Schedule for January 7th LCN Schedule for Jan.7, 2016  and the the Topic Sessions for the 12:15 to 1:15 segment. LCNTopicSessionsforJanuary7,2016 .Please note that the topic session on Academic Conversations with Laura Robinson will start at 11:15 and go to 1:15. This session will take place at KCTC and will include a lunch for $5.00. Please let Laura Robinson know if you are planning to attend. This will help for the lunch count.

Looking forward to learning together.
Your Literacy Coaches Network Training Team
Nelli Koster–questions – please ask.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving – A Literacy Extension for Students

We hope in this inhale of holiday experiences that you take a moment to enjoy this video.  The video is by Steve Inskeep, host of NPR’s Morning Edition. He is encouraging students to tape interviews for a social studies project called the Great Thanksgiving Listen. At the end, it seems that Steve Inskeep has taken Cognitive CoachingSM and  understands the elements of “Academic Conversations”.  Wouldn’t it be great if all students internalized these 5 tips for great interviews?


Dig lit image

Digital Literacies in the Classroom

This is a reminder for the digital literacies group to complete the personal exploration task detailed below, but it is also an update that can be accessed by all LCN members. Here is the link to our learning guide for details on our group. Please contact Andrew or myself with any questions or thoughts.

The digital literacies group is working to better understand the changing nature of literacy and how to increase knowledge and skill in this area to better support our students. The first chapter of our book, Understanding Digital Literaciesprovides a good overview of what digital literacies are, and we elaborated on the content during our first LCN session.

The group participants were tasked with this:

    • In the coming months,observe and take note of the digital literacies of your students as they partake in tech-related activities.
    • By the end of November, post a blog entry that addresses the following:
      • What types of digital activities you have observed or participated in with your students.
      • What are some areas in which they need more support in order to improve their digital effectiveness in school and beyond?

Have fun, enjoy Donalyn Miller, and see you in January.

Inspiring Thinking and Learning: Creating Literacy Rich Classrooms

There is still time to register for an opportunity to be inspired and to grow learning around creating literacy rich classrooms.  Please share opportunity this with your building/grade level staff.

We know that getting students excited about reading and developing lifelong reading habits prepares them for understanding demanding academic texts. Next week Monday, November 16th at Thousand Oaks(Literacy Network Membership and invitation only) and Tuesday, November 17 at Kent ISD, Donalyn Miller will inspire and offer solid advice and strategies on how to develop, encourage, and assess five key reading habits that cultivate a lifelong love of reading.

With many of our schools in Michigan using the MAISA Reading and Writing Units of Instruction, Donalyn’s thinking will support building literacy rich classrooms.

Join us for a wonderful learning opportunity. Limited openings still available.  Register at Kent ISD Professional Learning Website.

What’s Your Evidence? Constructing Explanations in Science

It was great to be part of my first LCN back in September! I enjoyed meeting some elementary science teachers ready to write intentionally in science. We spent some time trying to write a scientific explanation without a framework, and then we looked at the Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning tool. I gave a couple of samples from student work, and that seemed to be the most requested piece for January. I have been trying to get some county samples; however, there are some great ones in the book as well. Feel free to open your DVD player and grab that DVD in the back of the book to look at teachers demonstrating some ways to help students write with this format.

Student samples: pp. 31, 33, 34, p. 69, p. 134

By the way, the Michigan Science Standards are adopted, so more and more students will be using this tool. Thanks for helping lead the science writing in our community! If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to contact me: