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1E – Feedback for Blogging in the Classroom Blogging Activities

Andrew and I are reflecting on our blogging in the classroom work from this year, and we are addressing feedback/commenting in our final session. So, we thought it would be a good idea to elicit feedback from our participants through blog comments. That way we can discuss feedback/commenting skills and apply them in an authentic way.

Please consider the blogging activities we have done this year (see our shared doc for reference if needed), and provide comments on this post to indicate what you liked and what you see as areas for improvement. Utilize the strategies for commenting that we have studied and/or ones that you have adopted. We appreciate your input as we seek to improve our practice.

Blogging Strategies and Tips

In our last Blogging in the Classroom breakout meeting, we dug into some of the preparation and strategies teachers need to consider when using blogging with their students. The group collaborated on three documents that address the topics of student freedom, creating blogging time, and strategies for moderating blogs. See the links below to see what we created.

Student Freedom

Time for Blogging

Moderating/Responding to Blogs

If you are considering implementing blogging in your school or classroom, these resources will help you get ready for success. If you are already using blogging, they will help you refine your practice.

Blogging in the Classroom Update (Jan. 14)

The blogging in the classroom break-out group had a great session last week. Everyone was digging into the nuances and possibilities of this powerful learning option. I want to follow up to post our agenda and note that we added a step-by-step guide for organizing and providing access to student blogs. There are also a number of helpful links that show how to control permissions and privacy settings in various blogging tools.

If you are not if this group and want to know more (or if you want a copy of the book we are using), please see Andrew or Craig.

Let expression flow.

Blogging in the Classroom Check-in

Hello Everyone,

We hope everything is going well.

Craig and I wanted to check in with you all regarding your Individual Exploration Activity. Since Wednesday, Oct. 22 is not a typical LCN day, we will not be meeting in our book study groups. For this reason, we have extended the due date for this activity until the next LCN date, which is Jan. 8.

As a reminder, the instructions for your Individual Exploration Assignment are listed below:

  • Read chapters 1-3 (p. 9-31) of Making Connections with Blogging
  • Choose one of the chapters to reflect on in your blog
    • Write a blog post that addresses the following questions:
    • What were your assumptions before reading this chapter?
    • Describe the new things you learned from this chapter that either confirmed or challenged your previous knowledge about the topic?
    • How will reading this chapter change your instructional and/or reflective practice?
  • Post a link to your blog post here

We look forward to seeing you all at LCN on Wednesday!

Welcome to Blogging in the Classroom

Hello and welcome to the LCN Blogging in the Classroom Group Blog.

We are excited to facilitate this group as we see much potential and possibility with blogging in the classroom. This is the place where we will model different ideas and communicate with participants in ways that can be applied to your teaching practice.

For an introduction, we would like you to reply to this post with a comment that includes the following:

  • Name
  • Where and what you teach
  • Why you signed up for this group
  • Which animal you would be if you could be one.

See our comments below for an example, and think about how you might do something like this with your students.