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RtI in Literacy Reading Reminder


We are about 10 days away from our next LCN gathering and I wanted to remind you about the chapters for our conversation. We had agreed to read Chapter 12, “Closing the Gaps for the Hardest to Reach” and Chapter 14, “Reducing the Incidence of Early Reading Difficulties: Professional Development for Classroom Teachers Versus Direst Interventions for Children”.

Believe it or not, the chapters do shadow each other in theme.  I have been thinking about the first chapter especially, almost non stop since I read it.  It was rather mind blowing for me.  Especially when it is layered over our learnings last year from Peter Johnston and Doug Fisher’s Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Framework.  So I would like to switch up our discussion format just a bit and combine both articles for our conversation cafe when we meet.  I will give just a quick overview of the main points and then start the conversation with an essential question.

Happy Reading and I look forward to our time together on February 26th!!

RtI in Literacy – Responsive & Comprehensive Book Study

It was exciting to see how the interest in the chapters flushed out after we had some viewing time. Our plan is to have some focused conversations around 3 chapters each time we meet. The chapters that came up with the highest votes are:
Chapter 2: High-Quality Classroom Literacy Instuction (Tier 1)
Chapter 3: Reading Growth in High-Poverty Classrooms: The Influence of Teacher Practices That Encourage Cognitive Engagement in Literacy Learning
Chapter 17: A Comprehensive Intervention Model for Preventing reading Failure…..

I also was asked if we may please consider looking deeply at one of the chapters from Section III on Literacy Assessment. We have a group member who really wants to have a deep discussion around Chapter 7 at some point. She works in a very small school and would appreciate hearing and bouncing ideas from that chapter with the larger group. I will revisit this request with the larger group in January. Please look over to see if you would be willing to talk about Chapter 7.

When we gather in January, we will form 2-3 sharing circles and follow a protocol for starting the discussion and then let it fly from there. My plan is to repeat the discussions for each selected chapter.

Happy Reading!!