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Video is Changing the Landscape of Professional Learning


Using Video Effectively: Researched-Based Practices

Teaching Channel Teams was developed based upon research related to the effective use of video and online tools for professional learning. At a recent symposium funded by the National Science Foundation, Teaching Channel brought together leading experts in these fields to discuss this research and the implications it has for 21st century professional learning.


The Role of Video in Making the Shift to Standards-Aligned ELA Instruction

Discover key strategies and learn about successes.


Next Generation Professional Development

Teaching Channel Teams is a private, video-enabled, professional learning platform. At the center of Teams is Teaching Channel’s award-winning, best-in-class, video library. This library can be added to with district-created videos and teacher-created videos that can easily be shared for coaching and reflection. With Teams, teachers and instructional leaders can collaborate in a secure environment, advancing teacher effectiveness and lifting student achievement.

What You Learn When You See Yourself Teach

Hello Fellow Reflective Practitioners!   Using video cameras in a manner that respects the professionalism of educators, can have a positive effect on teaching and learning.   Attached is a link to the May 2014 issue of Ed Leadership in which Jim Knight shares insights on effective ways teachers are using video recordings to reflect on instruction and learning.

How are you coming with  ‘sticking your toe in the water’ with recording a lesson or coaching conversation?    At our study session we discussed the importance of knowing: What is your intention for use of the recording?  What camera device might be the most appropriate ? and and What technical steps might you need to know regarding using the camera effectively?  Several members indicated interest with knowing more about technology options as well as techniques.   I am working to identify a tech support person to work with us in January .  As well I’ll research a few online sites for extended learning.