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Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Comprehension

This Thursday, May 12th we will be reflecting on our learning from Ellin Keene’s book, Talk About Understanding.  The Conversation Cafe will be the protocol used to network and learn from each other.  With the remaining time we will explore “The Talk About Understanding Principles” from our reading of Chapters 6, 7 and 8.  Should we have time(I always over plan) we will view a video segment and extend our talking and learning from watching Ellin’s intentional talk moves.

This book has been inspirational to me in many ways!!  I’m looking forward to hearing your voices and learning and growing  together!

See you soon!

Talk About Understanding

Rethinking classroom talk to get at deeper understanding is difficult!! Ellin Keene’s book Talk About Understanding and video have helped us start to shape our thinking and intentions and talk around the “Cognitive Outcomes for Deeper Comprehension”.

At our next LCN Session on March 10, 2016 we will continue to learn together using Chapter 4, Immersed in Ideas, What does it mean to comprehend deeply in informational text? and Chapter 5, From the Inside, Integrating strategy instruction and informational outcomes.

Please use / integrate some of Ellin’s thinking with your work with students and/or as you support your colleagues.  We will share some of your experiences/learning with each other at our next session.


Talk About Understanding: Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Comprehension

Hope that you had a wonderful holiday break.  This Thursday’s LCN Session will focus on “Enhancing Comprehension with Narrative Text”.  We will investigate what deeper understanding looks and sounds like from your own experience and then use the video in the book to examine and reflect on the integration of strategy  instruction with the outcomes of understanding in narrative text.

We will be using Chapters 2 & 3 in the book, Talk About Understanding: Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Comprehension by Ellin Oliver Keene.

Looking forward to learning together.

Nelli Koster