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High Impact Professional Learning

Hello Intentional Interruption Study Session Members,

We are looking forward to our Literacy Coaches Network Day this Thursday, March 2, 2017. Our last session in High Impact Professional Learning will focus on you sharing your experiences and learning around how you have impacted learning in your district, building and classrooms.  We will use the thinking and learning on how “Focus, Collaborative Inquiry and Instructional Leadership” enable learning and how to interrupt the barriers to learning using the “heuristic” strategies for interruption.

This highly interactive session will use the Conversation Cafe protocol to structure our time together.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday,

Nelli and Tracy

High Impact Professional Learning

Hello High Impact Professional Learning Session Members,

Just a reminder to bring your book, Intentional Interruption:  Breaking Down Learning Barriers to Transform Professional Practice to our session on Thursday, December 8th.  Chapters 1 through 4 will be the focus of our learning.  As you read, keep in mind your experiences with professional learning and how does this professional learning change your practice and / or thinking?  What allows true learning to happen?

Looking forward to growing our learning together to support all teachers and student learning.

Tracy and Nelli