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Science Explanation

I hope you are all enjoying the school year. We are almost out of the grind and ready for a break. So, what has inspired you this year: students, new learning, or networking with new people? I am inspired by the great peers I have trying to push science education in this state to new heights.

For the Constructing Explanations in Science break out session, I wanted to share a twitter feed. If you type in #CER4Sci in your search tool on twitter, you will find a set of twitterchats and twitter posts from teachers discussing their experiences using the CER framework in their classrooms. The teachers range from elementary to high school. Many teachers feel that the reasoning is the largest challenge for students when using this framework. We know, however, that using claim, evidence, and reasoning with students assists teachers in facilitating the technical writing expected in the common core. It is also one of the 8 science and engineering practices in the new MI Science Standards, so it is a tool that should be used to construct explanations. What do you think? Have you tried it? I hope to hear from you and your experiences next week. Check out the twitter feed if you get a chance!

What’s Your Evidence? Constructing Explanations in Science

It was great to be part of my first LCN back in September! I enjoyed meeting some elementary science teachers ready to write intentionally in science. We spent some time trying to write a scientific explanation without a framework, and then we looked at the Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning tool. I gave a couple of samples from student work, and that seemed to be the most requested piece for January. I have been trying to get some county samples; however, there are some great ones in the book as well. Feel free to open your DVD player and grab that DVD in the back of the book to look at teachers demonstrating some ways to help students write with this format.

Student samples: pp. 31, 33, 34, p. 69, p. 134

By the way, the Michigan Science Standards are adopted, so more and more students will be using this tool. Thanks for helping lead the science writing in our community! If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to contact me: