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RTI in Literacy Book Study

I hope you are dusting off your book and taking some time to read the three chapters we agreed upon:

LOOKING AT TIER ONE-pg. 13 What I’ve Learned About Effective Reading Instruction From a Decade of Studying Exemplary Elementary Classroom Teachers  AND pg 29,  Reading Growth in High Poverty Classrooms

SYSTEMIC INTERVENTION-pg. 137 A Comprehensive Intervention Model for Preventing Reading Failure

My plan is have three discussion circles going, with one rotation, so that everyone can attend two.  If you are short on time, then look over the articles and focus on reading two. (Actually we could combine the first article on effective reading instruction and the second, which is just a report about a study on effective strategies.)

I read all of them this afternoon, and am getting all kinds of connections to the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework with the first article.  My lips are itching to talk!Then the Comprehensive Model has my mind just a rolling.  I really want to hear how you are making RtI work.   See you in January!!

How Children Succeed Book Study

Preview of what we will be doing on January 8:
Chapter TWO is long, so beware that you will want to devote about 2-3 hours to it.  It is on HOW TO BUILD CHARACTER and actually you will find yourself filtering prior knowledge you may have about: character programs in your schools, incentive programs and whether they work, Carol Dweck’s work on mindset, Angela Duckworth’s work on grit. One the biggest takeaways for me is how the author juxtapositions two very diverse schools (one serving extreme wealth and one serving poverty). The end conclusions may surprize you!!

I look forward to your conversations and sharing from this chapter!

Teacher Becomes Student for Two Days

Wow! and WOW again.  Take the time to read this article.  Grant Wiggins’ (the ACSD author) had his adult daughter shadow a secondary learning experience for two days.  Her reflections are telling!

Here is the original story:


How Children Succeed Book Study

We were off to a great start on the book by reviewing the first chapter, “How to fail (and how not to)”. Since the chapter is rather lengthy, we viewed some YouTube selections to give us an quick overview. Our goal is to read the chapter thoroughly by January, along with chapter two.

Here are the videos we viewed and discussed:

As an aside, I ran into a retired teaching friend who is working with some students in an alternative ed environment in the area. Her job is to get them to pass an English class. As she began to share all the unbelievable drama she was encountering as she worked with this young adults, I was imediately taken to the first chapter of our book! Needless to say, I reached in my bag and gave her the book to read. I felt it may give her some background knowledge to benefit her work.

Happy Reading!!

RtI in Literacy – Responsive & Comprehensive Book Study

It was exciting to see how the interest in the chapters flushed out after we had some viewing time. Our plan is to have some focused conversations around 3 chapters each time we meet. The chapters that came up with the highest votes are:
Chapter 2: High-Quality Classroom Literacy Instuction (Tier 1)
Chapter 3: Reading Growth in High-Poverty Classrooms: The Influence of Teacher Practices That Encourage Cognitive Engagement in Literacy Learning
Chapter 17: A Comprehensive Intervention Model for Preventing reading Failure…..

I also was asked if we may please consider looking deeply at one of the chapters from Section III on Literacy Assessment. We have a group member who really wants to have a deep discussion around Chapter 7 at some point. She works in a very small school and would appreciate hearing and bouncing ideas from that chapter with the larger group. I will revisit this request with the larger group in January. Please look over to see if you would be willing to talk about Chapter 7.

When we gather in January, we will form 2-3 sharing circles and follow a protocol for starting the discussion and then let it fly from there. My plan is to repeat the discussions for each selected chapter.

Happy Reading!!