Essential Early Literacy Practices 1A – September 2016

Thanks for participating in our first session it was great to meet all of you and get our year started off on a great foot with some in-depth early literacy  conversation.

In this first session we had a chance to explore the Essential Early Literacy Practices.  This discussion was centered around the Essential Early Literacy Practices Document that came out for the State.  In our discussion we talked through the key information on the first pages and explored the structure of how the Essentials are laid out in the document.  We also had the opportunity to dig deeper in to Essential #1 with our own KISD Early Literacy Coach Sarah Shoemaker.  A special thanks to her for being available and sharing her learning around that practice.

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to further explore Essential Practice #4.  Kent ISD Literacy Coach Jennifer Merkel will be taking us through this work and digging deeper into what the practice calls for in our work.