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Using Data to Improve Literacy 3B – December 2016

In our December meeting we started by looking into the 5 Essential Building Blocks of Reading.  In this exploration we also discussed how these might evolve from K-3 to 4-12.

We then transitioned into the first two steps of the Outcomes-Driven model: looking at data to identify, and validate where the need for support would be needed the most.  This in some cases even led to writing a SMART Goal to propose how we might be able to measure improvement for the support that we offered to students.  The process was modeled quickly and then turned over to participants to try the process with the data from their own district.  Great data analysis was taking place digging deeper into areas to identify for more focus in instruction and support.

Overview PowerPoint for the Session: Link

Have a great Holiday Break and please bring progress monitoring data with you to our January session as we will be moving into that stage of the Outcomes-Driven Model.

Happy Holidays!

Essential Early Literacy Practices 1A – December 2016

In December we delved deeply into Essential Practice #4.  Jennifer Merkel broke down the idea of making sure we have our students participating in activites that build phonological awareness.  She provided many activities, ideas, and research that continue to encourage us to further explore/learn and more importantly explicitly teach skills around Phonological Awareness and Phonemic awareness to our students.  Especially in the earlier grades.

There were also some additional resources referenced including the Kent ISD Early Literacy Coaches Grab and Go Resource on Essential Practice #4.

Overview Powerpoint for the Session: Link
Jennifer’s Powerpoint on Essential Practice #4: Link
Grab and Go for Essential Practice #4: Link

Kim VanAntwerp will lead us through Essential Practice #2 when we get together in January.  Happy Holidays!

High Impact Professional Learning

Hello High Impact Professional Learning Session Members,

Just a reminder to bring your book, Intentional Interruption:  Breaking Down Learning Barriers to Transform Professional Practice to our session on Thursday, December 8th.  Chapters 1 through 4 will be the focus of our learning.  As you read, keep in mind your experiences with professional learning and how does this professional learning change your practice and / or thinking?  What allows true learning to happen?

Looking forward to growing our learning together to support all teachers and student learning.

Tracy and Nelli

Using Data to Improve Literacy 3B – September 2016

Thanks for participating in our first session it was great to meet all of you and get our year started off on a great foot with some in-depth assessment conversation.

In this first session we had a chance to explore the different types of assessment that we are using in our educational systems to improve student achievement.  We brainstormed what the different assessment data we collect means and what measures we are collecting that satisfy these different assessment types.  We also briefly explored reliable and valid data and rolled out the Outcomes-Driven Model for analyzing and interpreting our assessment data.

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared with assessment data to use in activities that we will accomplish.  We will be looking into identifying and validating the data that we are currently collecting.  Modeling will be included.

Essential Early Literacy Practices 1A – September 2016

Thanks for participating in our first session it was great to meet all of you and get our year started off on a great foot with some in-depth early literacy  conversation.

In this first session we had a chance to explore the Essential Early Literacy Practices.  This discussion was centered around the Essential Early Literacy Practices Document that came out for the State.  In our discussion we talked through the key information on the first pages and explored the structure of how the Essentials are laid out in the document.  We also had the opportunity to dig deeper in to Essential #1 with our own KISD Early Literacy Coach Sarah Shoemaker.  A special thanks to her for being available and sharing her learning around that practice.

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to further explore Essential Practice #4.  Kent ISD Literacy Coach Jennifer Merkel will be taking us through this work and digging deeper into what the practice calls for in our work.

Individual Exploration Activity Reminder

Hi Everyone,

Craig and I are excited to meet with all of you again this Thursday.

We know it’s been a while since we last met, so we thought it would be a good idea to provide a quick review of the individual exploration activity we asked you to complete between last session and this Thursday.

  • Since we are using  Google Classroom for this session, we asked you to explore using this tool with your students. We hope you had a chance to do this. If not, there is still time!
  • Using Google Classroom, we asked you to complete 1 digital writing activity with your students.
  • After this activity, we asked you to reflect on the implementation of your digital writing activity and identify areas of success and challenge.

We will discuss your individual exploration activity (and more) at our next session on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you then!

– Andrew and Craig