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The Motivated Brain

Greetings!  I am attaching the powerpoint we shared on the first LCN date.  The presenter notes should open when prompted.   As you read the assignments (pp. 23-31) on the Eight Possible Reasons for diminished student engagement and motivation, and then (pp.39-45) on the Role of Dopamine as a neurotransmitter of motivation, I would  encourage you to think about these two questions:

How might the reasons for disengagement  fit your content or grade level and ultimate day to day work?

What new learnings are you taking away about the role of dopamine and the SEEKING system?

the-motivated-brain-sept-22 the-motivated-brain-sept-22

When we gather in December, we will start with some reflections about these questions!

See you then!


Cris Tovani: Literacy Coaches Network on October 14, 2016

Literacy Coaches Network Membership,
Thank you for making our opening LCN day on September 22nd a huge success! The turn out was fantastic and our initial feedback has been extremely positive. The sessions are meeting the needs of our diverse group of educators.

Our next LCN Day is on Friday, October 14th from 8:00 to 3:00 at Thousand Oaks with Cris Tovani as our guest speaker. You must register to attend through the Kent ISD website. The cost is $35.00 per person for snacks and lunch–as well as the venue. You have the opportunity to invite one guest to grow and learn with you. This will be a valuable learning opportunity as part of our year of learning at LCN.
How to register:
The LCN member would register and there is a button that says “are you bringing a guest?”. When they click yes, a drop down comes up of name, district and email. It will add the $35 guest charge when they click yes.

Cris Tovani’s day for LCN:
Supporting Colleagues to have the Energy to Teach
Teachers are frequently asked to do more than time allows. Helping them identify what matters most can give them more energy to teach. Beliefs drive practice and when beliefs are supported by current research, teachers can articulate instead of defend how they use precious teaching time. During this daylong workshop, Cris Tovani will share how she works with her instructional coach, Sam Bennett, using data to meet more students’ needs. Participants will examine current research, coaching letters and view video clips to consider how to support their colleagues to have the energy to teach.

Looking forward to learning with Cris Tovani and our LCN learning community.
The LCN Training Team
Nelli Koster
Mark Raffler