Ideas for Implementing Collaboration and Peer Production with Writing

In our Understanding Digital Literacies session, participants were asked to share their ideas for ways teachers can implement collaboration and peer production with writing. Below are some of their responses to this question. As you think about incorporating digital literacy into your classroom, consider what is shared in this blog post.

“I am thinking that when students create a writing whether it be Narrative, Opinion, or even Research it would be really helpful to have peers comment on it and make suggestions for help.  The peer editing piece would be much more purposeful as each student’s comments would be logged and the teacher can see if all students are weighing in.  Also, each student gets much more assistance with their work than just 1 person commenting.”

“I read Teaching Quality Commenting Skills which explains how to teach students how to write comments when responding to blogs. The five main suggestions in the short video in the article are:

  1. Compliment the writer in a specific way.
  2. Add new information.
  3. Make a connection.
  4. End with a question.
  5. Proofread your comments.”

“I have used KidBlog and it was a great tool to get students to write. They loved responding to each other. I like the idea of modeling writing through blogging. It makes it more authentic to our digital generation of learners.

I also like the idea of using PodCasts to record students reading. What a great way for them to “hear” how they read. Do they use expression? Do they have great fluency? It is also a great way for parents to be informed on how well their child is doing in their oral reading.

The final idea I would like to try is using PodCasts to have students orally tell their stories. Too many times they lose their ideas because they are too bogged down with the physical writing portion. By recording it, they can listen to their ideas and ideas of others, before they start the writing portion. What a great way to collaborate with others to improve their writing!”

“I have used collaboration with writing in the following ways:

  • Students create a PSA (print, audio, or TV).  They used both google docs and to create print PSA’s.
  • I have used Google docs to comment and give feedback during the writing process.  I prefer sitting side by side, but this gives students immediate feedback and a conversation starter for the one-on-one conversation.
  • Teachers can use the collaboration for presentations and PD”

“We use both weebly and kidblog in our building. Both are easy to use for both teachers and students.”