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K-12 Grammar That Transfers with MAISA Units – March 2016

We had some practical applications of grammar instruction in this session.  We started right off with experiencing a lesson created through the inspiration of our very book “Mechanically Inclined.”  That lesson can be found here.  Then we experienced Jeff in action teaching to coordinating conjunctions through his video series which, don’t forget, can be checked out through the REMC located right here at Kent ISD!

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come with a grammar mini-lesson you recently taught, observed, or plan to teach or observe so we can discuss what we see for next steps in Grammar work in our classrooms/buildings/districts.

K-12 Empowering Students and Inspiring Learning Through Assessment – March 2016

In our March session we started the conversation discussing the different types of assessment that we collect around our students and how we utilize that information then to guide instruction and curriculum moving forward.

We also explored the idea of an assessment system and what considerations and components would make up such a system in our classroom, building, district.  We then turned to Rick (in our book) to see what he had to say around these same talking points.

PPT for the Day can be Accessed here.

Homework for next Session: Please come next session with sample assessment from your level of influence.  This might be a classroom assessment, common assessment, or district assessment.  We will be looking at these items and talking about how these items connect to the work we have completed in this session over the year!

LCN Topic Session March – Community Literacy: Literacy Summit

Hello Group,
Thanks for joining us in our breakout session in March.
It was great to clarify the role/vision/mission of the Literacy Center of West Michigan.  You were able to get a view of how they are striving to create a just and vibrant community, here in West Michigan, through the power of literacy.  We explored structural changes for the Community Literacy Initiative, areas of focus and the topic for next Fall’s Community Literacy Summit.  As promised here is a link to the PPT of resources presented and feel free to contact Kaylee Moreno or Mark Raffler for any additional questions that you may have.

Kaylee and Mark

K-12 Empowering Students and Inspiring Learning Through Assessment – January 2016

Welcome Back and Happy 2016!

Great conversations today around chapters 3 and 4 and getting into some revolutionize assessment conversation.  Hopefully you got some good ideas and examples around how you can bring some innovative conversation into the process of assessment in your home districts.

We also discussed the idea of the Jurying Process and here are the documents I shared around that:
Selected Response Jury Item
Constructed Response Jury Item

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to further explore assessment and what that will look like in our classrooms around our existing materials.  To build prior knowledge for the discussion please review:
Chapter 6 in our Revolutionize Assessment Book

K-12 Grammar That Transfers with MAISA Units – January 2016

Great start to the new year!

We jumped into discussions around mentor sentences and digging deeper into the MAISA Grammar Units.  Great conversations around how we are seeing the work being integrated into instruction already.  Hope to hear more success stories on how we continue to implement the work.

Here is the PPT we worked through:

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared with some thinking around facilitating or trying a grammar mini-lesson either through the MAISA Grammar Units or an idea out of our book Mechanically Inclined.

Read the Introduction to Chapter 3 in Mechanically Inclined.

Best Practice in Content Areas -LCN Thursday

Our 1:30 to 2:45 session on this Thursday, March 10 will feature content area conversations around “Best Practice”.  Please bring your book:  Best Practice: Bringing Standards to Life in America’s Classrooms.

Please read one of the chapters exemplifying  best practice:  Reading-Chapter 3, Writing – Chapter 4, Mathematics – Chapter 5, Science – Chapter 6 or Social Studies – Chapter 7!  Lots of choices or if so inspired you may read more than one.

Looking forward to growing our thinking together!

Coaching Instruction with Intention – March 10

To Members of the  Study Session Coaching Conversations to Sustain Learning:

Teachers often use rubrics or criteria checklists when conferring with their students.   How might this technique work with coaching colleagues?   Coaching conversations with colleagues are often focused on ways to improve instructional techniques that support success for student learning.  This session we will explore using a criteria checklist or rubric during coaching conversations to clarify  a goal and enhance commitment for success.    You will have guided practice with an authentic coaching conversation that we filmed earlier this week  and have opportunity to practice using a coaching template.  Laura Robinson and Char Firlik

LCN Digital Literacy Reminder / Preview

Hi LCN Digital Literacy Members,

Our next meeting is this week, and we want to remind you of a couple things. One, please bring your book. Two, please complete the personal exploration activity that we ended with in January (if you haven’t already done so). This is important as the start of this week’s session will build off of your responses. Here are directions for those who need it.

  1. Go to Google Classroom
  2. Login using your Kent ISD account
    1. U:
    2. P: kentisd16
  3. Go to Session 3 Personal Exploration Activity
  4. Respond to the prompt on how your learning in the session so far has impacted your work.

Unfortunately, Andrew and I will not be there this week because of a scheduling conflict with the MACUL conference. As a result, we are taking the opportunity to flip our session so that you can continue learning in our absence.

We have recorded a welcome video and a clear set of instructions to guide you through the steps, and we are confident that it will provide you with a quality learning experience. In addition, Wendi Vogel will be there to help facilitate the activities.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Again, we apologize for not being there. We hope you enjoy the day and trust that you will.

Craig and Andrew