LCN Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello Everybody,
Happy New Year!! What a great way to celebrate all the learning possibilities for 2016 by attending this Thursday, January 7th’s LCN Day of Professional Learning and Networking!

Please bring all your books: How to Create a Culture of Achievement in your School and Classroom (read Chapter 3:  Do No Harm) and your two session books and your journal. Each session will be using the books as part of the learning and discussions.

I’ve attached the LCN Schedule for January 7th LCN Schedule for Jan.7, 2016  and the the Topic Sessions for the 12:15 to 1:15 segment. LCNTopicSessionsforJanuary7,2016 .Please note that the topic session on Academic Conversations with Laura Robinson will start at 11:15 and go to 1:15. This session will take place at KCTC and will include a lunch for $5.00. Please let Laura Robinson know if you are planning to attend. This will help for the lunch count.

Looking forward to learning together.
Your Literacy Coaches Network Training Team
Nelli Koster–questions – please ask.