K-12 Grammar That Transfers with MAISA Units – September 2015

Thanks for participating in our first session it was great to meet all of you and get our year started off on a great foot with some in-depth grammar instruction conversation.

In this first session we went right into the MAISA Grammar Units that are available for us to explore.  In this exploration we reviewed what standards are covered and are not covered in the Grammar Units.  We also then discussed and explored the specific tools created in this work:

  • The Grammar Glossary
  • The Grammar Calendar
  • The Grammar Mini-Lessons

We also explored and discussed the structure of our book Mechanically Inclined.  Please come prepared to our next session having at least tried one of the grammar mini lessons from the MAISA units or from our book so we can share what worked and didn’t work in our first attempt at embedded grammar.

Here is the PPT we worked through: http://bit.ly/1FgjDff

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared with some thinking around facilitating or trying a grammar mini-lesson either through the MAISA Grammar Units or an idea out of our book Mechanically Inclined.