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Digital Literacies in the Classroom

This is a reminder for the digital literacies group to complete the personal exploration task detailed below, but it is also an update that can be accessed by all LCN members. Here is the link to our learning guide for details on our group. Please contact Andrew or myself with any questions or thoughts.

The digital literacies group is working to better understand the changing nature of literacy and how to increase knowledge and skill in this area to better support our students. The first chapter of our book, Understanding Digital Literaciesprovides a good overview of what digital literacies are, and we elaborated on the content during our first LCN session.

The group participants were tasked with this:

    • In the coming months,observe and take note of the digital literacies of your students as they partake in tech-related activities.
    • By the end of November, post a blog entry that addresses the following:
      • What types of digital activities you have observed or participated in with your students.
      • What are some areas in which they need more support in order to improve their digital effectiveness in school and beyond?

Have fun, enjoy Donalyn Miller, and see you in January.