What’s Your Evidence? Constructing Explanations in Science

It was great to be part of my first LCN back in September! I enjoyed meeting some elementary science teachers ready to write intentionally in science. We spent some time trying to write a scientific explanation without a framework, and then we looked at the Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning tool. I gave a couple of samples from student work, and that seemed to be the most requested piece for January. I have been trying to get some county samples; however, there are some great ones in the book as well. Feel free to open your DVD player and grab that DVD in the back of the book to look at teachers demonstrating some ways to help students write with this format.

Student samples: pp. 31, 33, 34, p. 69, p. 134

By the way, the Michigan Science Standards are adopted, so more and more students will be using this tool. Thanks for helping lead the science writing in our community! If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to contact me: wendivogel@kentisd.org