Reading, Writing, & Math Workshop K-12 – Theory and Practice – May 2015

Good to see everyone on the last day of LCN!  We hope that you enjoyed this last session on further exploring the workshop structure of instruction in our classrooms.  We have truly enjoyed working with all of you and your authentic commitment to the conversation and learning over the year.

On this last day we focused on the aspect of formative and summative assessment and what that looks like in our classrooms.  This had us analyzing the Principles to Action Assessment handout that challenged our beliefs on what assessment could/should look like for us in our classrooms.  From here we highlighted what assessment might look like in the workshop structure.  This included looking at the basic framework documents as well as analyzing VandeWalle’s assessment handouts and then further conversation on how assessment truly fits in workshop structure for us in our current setting.

We ran out of time to actually view, but still referenced video examples showing workshop in action.  These videos can be used to reflect on how we could see, Common Core, Formative Assessment, and other workshop components in action in the workshop structure.

Math Workshop in Action
ELA Workshop in Action

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