1E – Feedback for Blogging in the Classroom Blogging Activities

Andrew and I are reflecting on our blogging in the classroom work from this year, and we are addressing feedback/commenting in our final session. So, we thought it would be a good idea to elicit feedback from our participants through blog comments. That way we can discuss feedback/commenting skills and apply them in an authentic way.

Please consider the blogging activities we have done this year (see our shared doc for reference if needed), and provide comments on this post to indicate what you liked and what you see as areas for improvement. Utilize the strategies for commenting that we have studied and/or ones that you have adopted. We appreciate your input as we seek to improve our practice.

12 thoughts on “1E – Feedback for Blogging in the Classroom Blogging Activities

  1. The blog activities have provided motivation to really think about the reading and also consider other points of view. The platform to respond was appropriate to the class. It also allowed some who were not as comfortable with the blogging platform, to become more comfortable. I look forward to continuing on this journey of using blogs for classroom conversation.

  2. Great conversation with colleagues. I took many ideas out of this session that I will use in my classroom.

  3. I found this subgroup to be very helpful. I knew NOTHING at the beginning of the year, and although I am not by any stretch an expert now, I know how to get started. For me, the most helpful piece was hearing ideas shared by others. Sometimes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” That was truly the case for me. Being here gave me a jumping off point and ideas for avoiding pitfalls. For the many people here who know a ton more about blogging than I, it may not have been as helpful, but for the beginner, it was a great venue for learning a little at a time.

  4. I have grown from this class as explained in my last blog post. I do wish, though, that we just had more time. I think I could have gotten even more from the other participants if we had more time to demo and discuss. Possibly, asking us to connect with a couple other blogs and have a conversation. (Not sure how realistic this would be outside of the workshop time, though.) I did go to a couple of others’ blogs but never left any comments.

  5. An idea for next year could be that we have to comment on each other’s blogs to see how it feels from both receiving comments and making them. This would be a good platform for people to leave each other ideas/share tips that they think might be helpful. We are all in different places with blogging and so any feedback from other teachers would be beneficial. If other are like me, ideas pop into my head at the most random times, so we had an avenue to communicate between sessions, we might end up sharing more- authentic conversations would probably develop.

    1. I agree, Joyslyn. One of our struggles with this was that not everyone was blogging consistently, so if we asked you to comment on each others’ blogs, it would be problematic. We didn’t feel it was the best use of time to have people compose during the session. Maybe we could invite participants to comment on the blogs that are posted.

  6. I really liked being able to talk with other teachers as to how they use blogging in the classroom within this session. One thing that I think would be beneficial would be to see what type of online communication (blogging, Google Classroom, etc.) would be most appropriate for the various levels. Just like we discussed in the session today, it is not a one-size-fits-all type of activity. Secondary might benefit from learning more about the Google Classroom aspect while elementary would be able to use the blogging more…just a thought 🙂

    Definitely a helpful session!!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Lyndsey. We ran a previous group on digital writing in general, and perhaps that could be done again. Then we could focus on the different platforms and what would be best for different writing forms.

  7. I just joined this group in February so I feel very behind compared to everyone else. I believe both of you have been very helpful, along with the book. Due to my late start my class has not been able to start blogging. Our labs have been used for M-step prep, M-step, and NWEA testing. Consequently, I started a class blog for myself just to give it a try. I plan to do more next year with students now that I have a better idea of what I am doing.

    Both of you have been very easy to talk to about blogging and very knowledgeable.

  8. I have enjoyed all of the blogging activities that we did this year. This may be due in part to the fact that I am new to blogging, and had never even commented on a blog until I signed up for this session. I needed all of the basic information about how to set up blogs and then needed the nudges that you gave throughout the year to keep trying something new. Thank you for offering this session, it has helped me grow my practice this year. My students have loved it and many have started their own blogs now, which is interesting to me because none of them had blogged before this year either.

  9. Honestly, I thought that this study session contained all that I needed and more at the current time. I am a newbie when it comes to blogging, so I greatly appreciated the content/length of the chosen text, the Individual Exploration Activities that allowed me to reflect on my intentional use of blogging, and the opportunities to discuss my needs/hear others’ needs/strengths/suggestions. I felt that this session was simple in the best way; I’ve gained a lot of new learning, new insight, and I feel prepared to build on my skills and use of blogging with my students without ever feeling overwhelmed. Plus, I enjoy that I can refer back to the Google Docs. if ever I need help. Thanks so much!

  10. Blogging in the classroom has been a very beneficial session, especially having the ability to converse with colleagues that share interests and desires for blogging. I plan on continuing with all my blogs next year.
    * Discussions around blogging being two-dimensional
    * Partnering in grade level specific groups
    * Exploration of different types of blogs
    * Viewing different blogs
    * Pedagogical Changes

    I would love to have more exploration of teachers’ blogs from around the district/area to see what is working great for them in the classroom. I would like to read student conversations, discussion what we see, and have a look at how different people utilize and design their blogs. I learn by seeing, and more of this would be great!

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