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Early Literacy Practices that Work K-3 – May 2015

Good to see everyone today!  I hope that you enjoyed this last session on early literacy.  I have truly enjoyed working with all of you and your authentic commitment to the conversation and learning over the year.

In this session we spent a large portion of our time looking at Chapter 7 and 8 in our Debbie Miller books and relating that to our existing building or district ideas on literacy.  This involved digging deeper into the literacy concepts of exploring nonfiction and synthesizing to stimulate learning in our classroom.  These resources are linked below!  The discussion was great with many ideas and thinking shared.

We also visited a resource to consider to share with parents and students to avoid the reading summer slide.  This brochure put together by the Kent ISD collates many literacy resources available over the summer months for kids to keep reading in practice.  Most of the opportunities are free!  Visit the brochure that links out to other resources right here!  Here is the abbreviated link to visit this same brochure –

Homework for next Session: Sign up for LCN for next year.  Here is a link to the sign up page –

Documents we worked with:
PPT Presentation

1E – Feedback for Blogging in the Classroom Blogging Activities

Andrew and I are reflecting on our blogging in the classroom work from this year, and we are addressing feedback/commenting in our final session. So, we thought it would be a good idea to elicit feedback from our participants through blog comments. That way we can discuss feedback/commenting skills and apply them in an authentic way.

Please consider the blogging activities we have done this year (see our shared doc for reference if needed), and provide comments on this post to indicate what you liked and what you see as areas for improvement. Utilize the strategies for commenting that we have studied and/or ones that you have adopted. We appreciate your input as we seek to improve our practice.