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Congratulations to Andrew Steinman! MACUL Educator of the Year

A well deserved recognition as Andrew  encourages and patiently tutors so many educators and actively networks with professionals statewide to support technology integration within teaching and learning.   “More technology is not alway better!” says Andrew Steinman.  Read more:

Hats off to Kent ISD’s Teacher-Leaders at MRA

The recent Michigan Reading Association 59th Conference, United We Read and United We Write, had a new energy with outstanding presenters and timely topics.   It was great to see  many local teacher-leaders at the Michigan Reading Conference learning and sharing.

Elizabeth Gates, Greenville Highschool ELA teacher and TLA graduate 2015 served on the 2015 Conference Program and serves as the MRA/IRA Coordinator.

Sarah Shoemaker, Greenville Elementary Interventional Specialist, LCN Member and TLA 2014, received the MRA 2015 Educator of the Year Award.

A few members and their colleagues spotted sharing  professional learning by leading workshops:

Grandville and an LCN Trainer: Teresa McDougall

Kentwood: Derek Braman, Nancy Broadwell, Eric Closson, Tim Hargis, Debi Moore, Kathy VanVliet, Molly Walsh, Amy Weatherford

Rockford: Shawna Huls, Kathy Munger, Jennifer Patten, Sara Rothenthaler, Melissa Sagorski-Hall, Kenn Vidro

Sparta: Kathy Hartuniewcz, Jenna Rykse

Hope we did not miss anyone.

Thanks to all of our TLA and LCN members who were able to attend!  We noticed so many of you came with colleagues.  Learning together unlock’s a group’s potential for student success!

Video is Changing the Landscape of Professional Learning


Using Video Effectively: Researched-Based Practices

Teaching Channel Teams was developed based upon research related to the effective use of video and online tools for professional learning. At a recent symposium funded by the National Science Foundation, Teaching Channel brought together leading experts in these fields to discuss this research and the implications it has for 21st century professional learning.


The Role of Video in Making the Shift to Standards-Aligned ELA Instruction

Discover key strategies and learn about successes.


Next Generation Professional Development

Teaching Channel Teams is a private, video-enabled, professional learning platform. At the center of Teams is Teaching Channel’s award-winning, best-in-class, video library. This library can be added to with district-created videos and teacher-created videos that can easily be shared for coaching and reflection. With Teams, teachers and instructional leaders can collaborate in a secure environment, advancing teacher effectiveness and lifting student achievement.