Early Literacy Practices that Work K-3 – February 2015

Good to see everyone today!  I hope that you enjoyed the session as I tried to make some minor adjustments to meet the feedback provided from January.  The energy in the room was tremendous-great conversation!

In this session we spent a large portion of our time looking at Chapter 6 in our Debbie Miller books and relating that to our existing building or district ideas on literacy.  This involved digging deeper into the literacy concepts of inferring and using questions (by teacher and student) to stimulate learning in our classroom.  We also worked through some activities where we as participants were able to take on the role of student in applying these same concepts.  These resources are linked below!  The discussion was great with many ideas and thinking shared.

We also visited a resource to consider in the MEL for Kids resource and accessing the list of kid friendly databases specifically referring to Kids Info Bits.  Who knew the State of Michigan had such awesome literacy/library based resources?  Now you do!

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to share what you have accomplished with early literacy instruction in your building/classroom and please consider reading the following:
Chapter 7 and 8 in our Debbie Miller book.

Documents we worked with:
PPT Presentation
Hocked Gems
Ask Great Questions Lesson
Question Stem Pictures