Early Literacy Practices that Work K-3 – January 2015

Great to see everyone back in 2015.  Great discussion today around what is working and how we are pressing forward with K-3 literacy ideas.

In this session we spent a large portion of our time looking at pgs. 70 – 75 in our Debbie Miller books and relating that to our existing building or district ideas on literacy.  Then we explored Debbie Millers thinking around Schema (Chapter 4 of the Book) and Sensory Imagery (Chapter 5 of the book).  The discussion was great with many ideas and thinking shared.

We also visited a resource to consider in the FCRR Common Core State Standard aligned documents and revisited ReadWorks a national resource with text passages leveled for each grade level.

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to share what you have accomplished with early literacy instruction in your building/classroom and please consider reading the following:
Chapter 6 in our Debbie Miller book.

PPT Presentation

Documents shared by Roxanne – Fifty Great Days