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LCN B Agenda Tuesday, Feb. 3 8:00 – 3:00 KISD

Kent ISD’s K-12 LCN – B Professional Learning Network Meeting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 8:00 – 3:00

How Can I Communicate Well?

A good deal of the work done by teacher-leaders and coaches is verbal. They are frequently in conversation one-on-one and with groups. Today’s learning is designed to explore the various roles of teacher-leaders/coaches and to develop communication skills that support positive relationships with colleagues to achieve desired outcomes for student learning. Feedback from our group indicated a desire for an opportunity to engage in thinking on literacy topics, so a Literacy Learning Conversation Café will be offered in the afternoon.   We look forward to connecting with you next week. Bring your copy of the Cathy Toll book: The Literacy Coach’s Survival Guide.

8:00 Welcome – Char

Exploring States of Mind and Cultural Lens Factors of Communication

9:30  Break

9:45   Tools for communicating: Pausing, Paraphrasing and Questions – Nelli

11:30 Lunch – On your own.

12:30  Teacher Leadership Roles – Char & Teresa

1:45   Break

2:00 ‘Literacy Learning’ Conversation Café – Teresa

  • Purposeful Talk – Nelli
  • Reading & Writing Workshop – Mark
  • Exploring Grit – Ann

2:45 Reflection

3:00 Dismiss



Reading, Writing, & Math Workshop K-12 – Theory and Practice – January 2015

Great to see everyone back in 2015.  Great discussion today around workshop and connecting that with the Common Core State Standards.

Great questions to help bring everyone to a higher level of understanding in workshop instruction.  We also had some in-depth conversation on connecting workshop instruction with the Gradual Release model.

Don’t forget you can the access the presentation at

A Visual of Workshop – Here is a video of what a workshop classroom could look like.  Try to find the Mini-Lesson, Student Work Time, and the Reflection.

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to continue on how “workshop” is working in your classroom and read the following:

Math Sense – Chapter 3 p. 33-43
Not This But That: No More Independent Reading without Support – Section III

Literacy Rich Libraries by Kurt Stroh

Literacy Rich Libraries: What if your school library created excitement for books that overflowed into the reading culture of your school?  What if your library was a place that supported the literacy instruction happening in classrooms?  What if your school library was a place where students chose to go – even during recess?  Well, it can be!

Many LCN Members enjoyed Kurt Stroh’s, East Oakview Elementary, Northview Public Schools story about his first year as a new teacher-librarian who transformed the library  into a major support for literacy.  Many of your requested the “Why Not” list of transforming libraries.

Here is his contact information:




Kids Talk Kid Lit

Purposeful Talk: Developing Thinking through Conversation K-5

Our January 8th LCN session focused on “Teaching Conversational Behaviors” using Maria Nichols Ch. 4 from Comprehension through Conversation.  We reviewed the basics of paraphrasing and used the protocol of the Paraphrasing Passport to discuss and share our learning.  The powerpoint of today’s session can be found at this link.

Our February 26, 2015 session will feature round table discussions around  how “Purposeful Talk” is influencing our teaching and student learning.  Please contact me at to sign-up to facilitate a round table discussion.  Our hope is to offer at least 2 opportunities of a 20 minute round table discussion for our participants.  Thanks.

Purposeful Talk handout

Academic Conversations: Strengthening Thinking and Reasoning Skills through Conversation 6-12

Participants in this session enjoyed some great conversations around the article from the November 2014 Educational Leadership, Talking to Learning by Elizabeth City.  After a review of the basic principles of paraphrasing they used the conversation protocol of Three A’s Plus One to process their thinking and learning.

The powerpoint of the slides are available through this link.

During our next session on February  26th, six  participants will facilitate round table discussions around their learning and application of  “Academic Conversations” to their work.

Classroom discourse is the ocean on which all else floats – James Britton

Blogging in the Classroom Update (Jan. 14)

The blogging in the classroom break-out group had a great session last week. Everyone was digging into the nuances and possibilities of this powerful learning option. I want to follow up to post our agenda and note that we added a step-by-step guide for organizing and providing access to student blogs. There are also a number of helpful links that show how to control permissions and privacy settings in various blogging tools.

If you are not if this group and want to know more (or if you want a copy of the book we are using), please see Andrew or Craig.

Let expression flow.

Early Literacy Practices that Work K-3 – January 2015

Great to see everyone back in 2015.  Great discussion today around what is working and how we are pressing forward with K-3 literacy ideas.

In this session we spent a large portion of our time looking at pgs. 70 – 75 in our Debbie Miller books and relating that to our existing building or district ideas on literacy.  Then we explored Debbie Millers thinking around Schema (Chapter 4 of the Book) and Sensory Imagery (Chapter 5 of the book).  The discussion was great with many ideas and thinking shared.

We also visited a resource to consider in the FCRR Common Core State Standard aligned documents and revisited ReadWorks a national resource with text passages leveled for each grade level.

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to share what you have accomplished with early literacy instruction in your building/classroom and please consider reading the following:
Chapter 6 in our Debbie Miller book.

PPT Presentation

Documents shared by Roxanne – Fifty Great Days

Literacy for Science, Social Studies, and Other Technical Subjects PD – January 29th and March 9th.

As promised here is the information for the content literacy pd opportunity.

This will be hosted at Kent Innovation High School (KIH) and will provide ideas, resources, and time to ask questions around the integration of literacy into all of subjects outside of ELA. You will also have the opportunity to see some of these ideas and resources in action at KIH.

To register and get more information sign up here.