RTI in Literacy Book Study

I hope you are dusting off your book and taking some time to read the three chapters we agreed upon:

LOOKING AT TIER ONE-pg. 13 What I’ve Learned About Effective Reading Instruction From a Decade of Studying Exemplary Elementary Classroom Teachers  AND pg 29,  Reading Growth in High Poverty Classrooms

SYSTEMIC INTERVENTION-pg. 137 A Comprehensive Intervention Model for Preventing Reading Failure

My plan is have three discussion circles going, with one rotation, so that everyone can attend two.  If you are short on time, then look over the articles and focus on reading two. (Actually we could combine the first article on effective reading instruction and the second, which is just a report about a study on effective strategies.)

I read all of them this afternoon, and am getting all kinds of connections to the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework with the first article.  My lips are itching to talk!Then the Comprehensive Model has my mind just a rolling.  I really want to hear how you are making RtI work.   See you in January!!