Blogging in the Classroom Check-in

Hello Everyone,

We hope everything is going well.

Craig and I wanted to check in with you all regarding your Individual Exploration Activity. Since Wednesday, Oct. 22 is not a typical LCN day, we will not be meeting in our book study groups. For this reason, we have extended the due date for this activity until the next LCN date, which is Jan. 8.

As a reminder, the instructions for your Individual Exploration Assignment are listed below:

  • Read chapters 1-3 (p. 9-31) of Making Connections with Blogging
  • Choose one of the chapters to reflect on in your blog
    • Write a blog post that addresses the following questions:
    • What were your assumptions before reading this chapter?
    • Describe the new things you learned from this chapter that either confirmed or challenged your previous knowledge about the topic?
    • How will reading this chapter change your instructional and/or reflective practice?
  • Post a link to your blog post here

We look forward to seeing you all at LCN on Wednesday!