What You Learn When You See Yourself Teach

Hello Fellow Reflective Practitioners!   Using video cameras in a manner that respects the professionalism of educators, can have a positive effect on teaching and learning.   Attached is a link to the May 2014 issue of Ed Leadership in which Jim Knight shares insights on effective ways teachers are using video recordings to reflect on instruction and learning.   http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/may14/vol71/num08/What-You-Learn-When-You-See-Yourself-Teach.aspx

How are you coming with  ‘sticking your toe in the water’ with recording a lesson or coaching conversation?    At our study session we discussed the importance of knowing: What is your intention for use of the recording?  What camera device might be the most appropriate ? and and What technical steps might you need to know regarding using the camera effectively?  Several members indicated interest with knowing more about technology options as well as techniques.   I am working to identify a tech support person to work with us in January .  As well I’ll research a few online sites for extended learning.