Reading, Writing, & Math Workshop K-12 – Theory and Practice

Thanks for joining our session and engaging in the conversation around workshop instruction in education.

It was great to see the representation of both K-5 and 6-12 educators in the group.  We will be sure to provide you with opportunities to collaborate with members from each subgroup as we move forward throughout the year.

This first session was really about getting a better understanding of what “workshop” instruction is for the educators in this group.  We will continue this conversation into our next meeting in November while also looking at how “workshop” fits in with the demands of the next generation standards in all subject areas.

Don’t forget you can the access the presentation at
Venn Diagram around Science, Math, and ELA Connections – Click Here

Homework for next Session: Please come prepared to continue on how “workshop” is working in your classroom and read the following:

Math Sense – Chapter 1 – (pages 1,2);  Chapter 2 – Introduction (pages 5,6)
Not This But That: No More Independent Reading without Support – Section II