Welcome to Blogging in the Classroom

Hello and welcome to the LCN Blogging in the Classroom Group Blog.

We are excited to facilitate this group as we see much potential and possibility with blogging in the classroom. This is the place where we will model different ideas and communicate with participants in ways that can be applied to your teaching practice.

For an introduction, we would like you to reply to this post with a comment that includes the following:

  • Name
  • Where and what you teach
  • Why you signed up for this group
  • Which animal you would be if you could be one.

See our comments below for an example, and think about how you might do something like this with your students.



12 thoughts on “Welcome to Blogging in the Classroom

  1. My name is Craig Steenstra
    I am an Educational Technology Consultant at Kent ISD (former high school ELA)
    I signed up for this because I love exploring the convergence of technology and literacy – I love words and computers
    If I could be an animal, I would be a flying Rhino because Rhinos are awesome, and I’d want to be able to fly.

  2. My name is Lyndsey Fischer.
    I teach Health, PE and Leadership at Thornapple Kellogg High School.
    I am always interested in learning more ways to incorporate technology into my classroom. Also, easier ways to reach my students.
    Depends on the day… 🙂 A cat to be lazy all day with no worries, or a cheetah to be fast and full of energy!!!

  3. My name is Joslyn Burnaby and I teach 7th and 8th grade science at Forest Hills Central Middle School. I signed up for this group because I feel that students learn so well with structured online pieces. They share more about their own thoughts as well as communication about others work in a productive manner. I am trying to set up a “science community” for my honors 8th grade class and the best way to do this with an online piece. I also feel students need to be clearly taught how to personally and “professionally” communicate online.
    My animal would be cheetah-I need to move faster these days.

  4. My name is Stephanie Langschied and I teach 7th grade at Thornapple Kellogg Middle School.
    I signed up for this group to help my students and myself become more proficient in blogging.
    If I was an animal I would be a an indoor / outdoor cat because I love being in the wood but can also be found lounging around (with a great book)!

  5. I teach 6th grade ELA: Reading and Writing Workshops. I’ve signed up for this study because I have had my teacher blog (as a parent/student resource), but now that we have 1:1, would like to have students blog.

    If I could be an animal, I think a kangaroo. They’re fun, but can be tough. I’d love to jump ahead in life a lot faster than I do now:)

  6. My name is Tara Dzirbowicz.
    I am a 5th grade teacher of all contents and a literacy leader at Appleview Elementary in Sparta.
    I signed up for this course because I am always looking for more ways to engage my student in learning. This year I have 21 boys in my classroom and writing is NOT their favorite subject. I am hoping that blogging will not only teach them about technology, but also get them excited about writing.
    If I could be an animal, I would choose to be a small dog. Small dogs get tons of love and cuddle time. In our house, small dogs seem to do no wrong and every move they make is “so cute.” Small dogs also seem to be able to pounce around the yard and have fun, then are given as much rest time as they deem necessary.

  7. My name is Angie Wagaman.
    I am a third grade teacher at Orchard View Elementary in Forest Hills. This is my third year in the classroom, prior to that I was a reading consultant for 13 years.
    I signed up for this because I finally have a good supply of devices in my classroom for students to use. I use Nooks during reader’s workshop and my students love the e books, I want to expand their use of technology to writer’s workshop and all other subject areas as well.
    If I could be an animal I would be a cat, because they do what they want when they want, but because they are cute and cuddly everyone forgives their rudeness.

  8. My name is Andrew Steinman and I am an educational technology consultant at Kent ISD.

    Craig and I decided to focus on blogging for our book study since we see it as an important and growing form of media that educators should not only be aware of, but also embrace in their classrooms.

    I don’t know what animal I would be if I could already be one. I am a human, which is technically a type of animal. If were to say that I wanted to be a different animal, would I be offending my humanity and the humanity of others? This is a deeper question than I originally thought. With that being said, being a cat would be cool!

  9. Good morning, I am Claire DeGraaf, a 5th grade teacher in Kent City. I have been teaching there since 1990 and have been a 5th grade teacher for 11 years after many years in kindergarten.

    I signed up for this because I know my 5th graders are on the internet using phones and know through my colleagues with ‘tweeners and middle schoolers that kids are clueless about their privacy and safety when using facebook, twitter and instagram.

    Additionally I want my students to begin using the internet to reply to questions I post about our reading and writing. They are coming from classroom s where they had a classroom set of Surface books and we are scheduled to receive a classroom set of tablets. But no keyboards. I need to be prepared to use these in more ways than just as e-readers and for research.

    What animal would I be…perhaps a dolphin – they move with such grace and I have seen them only in warm waters, and that sounds wonderful to me. They are intelligent, like I hope I am, and adored by many and protected as well. These are things I imagine most of us, and our students desire – to be liked and cared for.

  10. Hi there! My name is Jenny Yonkman-Bangma. I teach middle school language arts (6-8) and sixth grade social studies at a small (but mighty!) charter school, Creative Technologies Academy. Much like all of you, I wear many hats at my school; on top of teaching full-time, I also do a bit of coaching, rolling out professional development, and facilitating a couple of professional learning communities. I’m also wordy.

    I am in this course because our school is pushing the use of digital tools as a means for strengthening our relationships with students and parents. All teachers K-12 and students in 6-12 have a blog. I want to know how I can utilize the tool to the benefit of my students.

    If I could be an animal, I’d be a puppy because I have yet to meet one that I don’t like. They’re the best!

  11. * Hello! My name is Kim Van Antwerp.
    * Hudsonville Public Schools, Jamestown Elementary is my home, 4th grade.
    * I signed up for this session, because I am implementing student blogging in my classroom this year; Both for my regular education students, and an enrichment program I am starting this year. My student blogs are already in place and being used, so I am eager to learn more about how to expand what I am doing already to engage my students in effective and meaningful 21st century learning!
    * Animal? Eagle! The ability to fly high above looking, observing, and seeking would be fascinating.

  12. My name is Melisa Mulder. I’m the Read 180 District Coordinator at the secondary buildings and a Literacy Coach at Pinewood Middle School in Kentwood Public Schools. I signed up for this group to get ideas for ways to incorporate technology and social media with students and staff to increase motivation and extend and deepen learning beyond the classroom. If I were an animal, I’d like to be an eagle to fly high above the treetops across beautiful skies. 🙂

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